Luxury Events 2015

Colombia is truly a place of culture, with tons of festivals throughout the year for all kinds of dance, from ballet to salsa. They have multiple conferences throughout the year for the networking individual looking to partner up with the big names in media, marketing, and advertising. The next time you take a private jet for business or pleasure, be sure to check out our calendar of events, because you may be visiting during an art fair, carnival, or festival is being held.

April 2015

Semana Santa

(Easter Week 2015; Bogota)

Being a very religious country, Colombia has many devote Catholics that set aside their days to celebrate Easter. Many of the churches around Bogota organize events throughout the week, but there are also activities going on around town. Two of the major events are ?The Santo Via Crucis,? the performance of Jesus’ crucifixion, and ?The Santa Sepulcro Procession,? an event at night with effigy bearers going through La Candelaria.

Bogota es Mozart

(April 1st ? 4th, 2015; Bogota)

For the second year running, the International Music Festival returns to Bogota, Colombia. In 10 locations, over 60 concerts are played throughout the city, nearly 20 of which are free. For the full range of concerts, it can cost as much as $10,000. Come and enjoy some of the amazing works of classic Mozart in Bogota, Colombia.

International Ballet Festival

(April 16th ? 20th, 2015; Cali)

In Colombia, all forms of dance are celebrated, from hip hop to salsa, and yes, ballet too. Every year an International Ballet Festival is held, inviting dance companies from around the world to participate from over 13 countries. The festival is nearing its 10th anniversary soon, and each year is said to be better than the last with more advanced artists and dancers every festival.

May 2015

International Biennial of Photography

(May 2nd ? June 15th, 2015; Bogota)

In recent years, Bogota has become the center of the most important Latin American photography. Although the 6th festival, it celebrates ten years due to this being an event that happens every other year. This year, Germany is the guest of honor, and several German artists have been invited to present their work at the festival and exhibitions going on. There will also be conferences held in the morning and night with artists, professors of universities, and art historians to discuss art concepts and their development.

Salsa in the Park

(May 30th ? 31st, 2015; Bogota)

Since 1997, Bogota, Colombia has showcased bands in the park, and Salsa in the Park is no exception. Hosted and dedicated to the Latin culture, this two-day, free event is a great time for everyone. There will be plenty of space to dance or just lounge and listen to salsa music, and it’s a great way to have a picnic with the family. There will be plenty of representatives of local salsa, as well as collectors who may share their taste and knowledge of the culture.

June 2015

International Tango Festival

(Late June; Medellin)

Every year in late June, the tango is celebrated in Medellin, Colombia. Celebrated for over five years, the tradition is still going strong. Everyone in the city of Medellin is said to have been touched by the guacho culture, and no matter the man, woman, or child, they know of, take part in, and appreciate the dance.

July 2015

Bogota Audiovisual Market

(July 13th ? 17th, 2015; Bogota)

In Bogota, a film ?market? is hosted, showcasing national audioproduction services and offering businesses a chance to network and create partnerships. This year, tips on marketing and distribution of films are the main theme, and several presentations, or talks, will be held. There will also be movie screenings, which indie filmmakers can sign up for. This year, Mexico is a guest country, and Latin filmmakers will be able to host screenings as well.

ATP 250 2015 in Bogota

(July 18th ? 26th, 2015; Bogota)

This is the 6th tournament played in Latin America. South American players will be competing for the title and a prize of over half a million dollars (USD). This is the largest of South American tournament prizes to date, and will surely bring out the best of the players this year. Last year, Bernard Tomic fought to defend his title, but this year, it’s anyone’s game.

Colombia Moda

(July 28th ? 30th, 2015; Medellin)

The 26th edition of fashion, Colombiamoda brings a week of fashion to Medellin, with a mix of the elements to give the public a surprise experience. Every year, new ideas come to the stage, and after last year’s previous edition, Colombiamoda attempts to push the boundaries of fashion once more.

August 2015

Summer Festival

(August 1st ? 8th, 2015; Bogota)

For a little exercise activity during a trip to Bogota, the summer is the best time to visit. August is known as the ?windy? month in Bogota, and thus, many people go out and play sports and take party in many cultural activities. There are over 150 activities going on throughout Bogota during the first week of August, known as the Summer Festival, inviting everyone to join in on the fun.

Flower Fair

(August 3rd ? 12th, 2015; Medellin)

Every year, at the beginning of August, the city of Medellin becomes a city of color, as the streets are filled with flowers. Elaborate and beautiful flower arrangements are set up around the town and carried by men and women. Throughout the week, there are also concerts, shows, parades, and other various celebrations take place. To top it off, literally, traditional bars change up their selection of drinks to represent their region of the country.

The Carnival of Bogota

(August 5th ? 6th, 2015; Bogota)

Every year, at the beginning of August, the city of Medellin becomes a city of color, as the streets are filled with flowers. Elaborate and beautiful flower arrangements are set up around the town and carried by men and women. Throughout the week, there are also concerts, shows, parades, and other various celebrations take place. To top it off, literally, traditional bars change up their selection of drinks to represent their region of the country.

Rock festival

(Week of August 15th- 17th, 2015); Bogota)

The largest festival in South America takes place in Bogota, during the month of August this year. It’s completely free to get in and enjoy the sound of some of the biggest names of Colombian rock. International artists have also been known to show up and make the three day party one-of-a-kind. Every year the concerts gets bigger and more popular, so if you plan to attend, be sure to go early.

April 2015

Cerviche Festival

(August 28th ? September 9th, 2015; Cartagena)

For a taste of the sea and something sweet, you have two weeks for a chance to visit Cartagena and satisfy both cravings. Jumbo shrimp, octopus, squid, and other seafood delights are sold by vendors going for the crown of best prawn cocktail. There are plenty of fried street food options, and there will also be some sweet culinary treats prepared as well.

September 2015

Jazz in the Park

(September 19th – 20th, 2015; Bogota)

Every year, many amazing Jazz artists come to play in Bogota, Colombia, for the Jazz in the Park festival. Listen to the melody of saxophones, pianos, and trumpets playing smooth jazz at night. Bring your family, bring a date, and have a good time at the event.

Colombian Festival of Creativity

(September 24th ? 25th, 2015; Bogota)

This September, Colombia will be hosting it’s famed festival of creativity, where the brightest and most creative minds submit works of various mediums to compete for awards that herald their success and creativity. Past festivals have brought in more than 1000 attendees, 10 countries, and over 800 submissions. It is also a great time to network with the big players in marketing, advertising and communications. There will be several conference speakers, screenings, exhibits, and more.

October 2015

International Art Fair of Bogota

(October 1st ? 4th, 2015)

ARTBO as it’s known, is an art fair that brings together national and international art galleries for a truly unique experience of the Latin American art market. All exhibits are carefully selected to sample the highest quality the art market has to offer. Aside from this, there are also cultural and academic aspects of the fair to promote public awareness and creation of art.

Children's Festival

(October 27th ? 28th, 2015; Bogota)

If you’re traveling with the kids, Bogota has a festival just for them. An entire carnival in late October is organized and designed to host many sports and recreational activities. In the past years, over 3000 children attended the event and were given the chance to parade through the streets in costume. It’s a very colorful and fun event for families.

November 2015

Independence Day and Beauty Pageants

(November 11th ? 16th, 2015; Cartagena)

What better way to celebrate independence than with music, dance, and Colombian beauties? The big event is on the 13th, where dance troupes and a Beauty Queen parade takeover the streets. However, throughout the rest of the weekend, several other pageants and parades follow. A parade on the water with plenty of lovely ladies in bikinis, a fashion parade that shows off Colombian craftsmanship, and an escape to the islands for a party via yacht.

December 2015

Cali Fair

(December 25th ? 30th, 2015; Cali)

The Salsa capital of the world, Cali does it again later this year with a celebration of Latin music and dancing for all. A ballad of drums, horns, and dancing hips cover this week-long festival, with as many as 4,000 dancers, musicians, and several orchestras participating in the many events planned for the week. Included are many shows, workshops, and salsa lessons for anyone who would like to attend.

Cholon Regatta Reggaeton

(December 26th, 2015); Cartagena)

Near the island of Cholon in Cartagena, an epic party takes place out on the water. Yachts, speedboats, and many other floating devices are rented out and gather for a reggaeton concert every year. Cholon is heralded as the party island of Colombia, so don’t miss out on the festivities to be had.