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Medellin Jet Charter

Best Hotels In Medellin

Below you will find a list of the top luxury hotels in Medellin, Colombia. These hotels and resorts are rated based on many variables including location, amenities, and reviews from our clients. Many Colombia air charter passengers would agree that these are some of their top picks when flying into Colombia using private jet charter service:

The Charlee
Address: Calle 9A #37-16, Lleras Park, Medellin, Colombia
Phone: +574 444-4968
Website: The Charlee
Medellin Royal Hotel
Address: Carrera 42 No. 5 South ? 130 Medellin, Colombia
Phone: +571 657-8787
Website: Medellin Royal Hotel
Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia
Address: Calle 10A # 34-11, Medell?n, Antioquia, Colombia
Phone: +574 448-1034
Website: Diez Hotel Categoria Colombia
Hotel Estelar Milla de Oro
Address: Calle 3 #43A-64, Medell?n, Antioquia, Colombia
Phone: +571 608-8080
Website: Hotel Estelar Milla de Oro
Hotel Park 10
Address: Carrera 36 B #11?12 El Poblado, Medellin, Colombia
Phone: +574 310-6060
Website: Hotel Park 10

Tourist Attractions and Famous Sites in Medellin

Throughout all of the cities in Colombia, you can find a variety of experiences for individuals and groups of people. Based on past travels, we have collected some of the top attractions for your next visit. We are sure that when you arrive by private jet to Colombia, you will find an experience or two below that will be the highlight of your stay:

Piedra Del Penol
Address: Antioquia, Colombia
Phone: +574 251-6344
Website: Piedra Del Penol

?Rock of Penol? is 200 m tall rock that provides an exceptional panoramic view of numerous islands surrounding the rock. However, before being able to enjoy this extraordinary view one must first climb the 659 stairs to get to the top.

Explore Park
Address: Carrera 53 #52, Medell?n, Antioquia, Colombia
Phone: +574 516-8300
Website: Explore Park

Explora is one of the most modern parks in Latin America where technology and science come together. In Explore Park there are over 200 interactive experiences such as a TV studio, children?s salon, an aquarium, 3D movies, and theme rooms to name a few.

Arvi Park
Address: Via a Piedras Blancas, Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia
Phone: +574 444-2979
Website: Arvi Park

Arvi Park is one of the largest nature reserves in the region, most vistors arrive to the park by cable car given that they are able to enjoy the remarkable mountain top view. Once you arrive to the park you are able to partake in tree obstacle activities and zipline.

Medellin Botanical Garden
Address: Calle 73 N 51D, Medellin, Colombia
Phone: +574 444-5500
Website: Medellin Botanical Garden

The botanical garden exhibits over 1,000 different species of plants and flowers with an immense abundance of flora native to Colombia. Tourist are also able to engage in activities such as rowing, canoeing, biking and hiking.

Museo de Antioquia
Address: Cl. 52 #52-43, Medell?n, Antioquia, Colombia
Phone: +57 4 251-3636
Website: Museo de Antioquia
Entre Flores
Address: Cra 43 a 6 Sur 15 Local 106, Centro Comercial Oviedo, Medell?n, Antioquia, Colombia
Phone: +57 4 444-2611
Website: Entre Flores